Jarrul Krayt-Dragon(Jedi)


Jarrul Krayt-Dragon




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Known Affiliations

The Galactic Republic, The Jedi Order, The Army of Light, Crimson Strike Team

Known Force Abilities

Sense Powers, Affect Mind, Telekinesis, Burst of Speed, Healing, Healing Trance, Battlemind, Beast Language

Lightsaber Combat Mastery

Form III- Soresu


Description:Jarrul is 6’3 with very good posture. He has a muscular build as well as very tone body. He has native facial tattoo was given to him when he came of age and passed his rite of passage on Iridonia. He was very wise and the mystics made the tattoos match his personality traits as well as other heritage tattoos. He has a light brown complexion and green eyes. He has horns on top of his head and he does not have any hair.

Personality: Jarrul is very honest, brave, and loyal. He values the Jedi code and fights the temptation to give in to Passion. This means that Jarrul will never be allowed to experience love or have children which are one of his concerns, however he keeps it to heart realizing his commitment to the Jedi Order as well as keeping his personal conviction to follow the Jedi Code. Jarrul likes to make friends with anybody and will help out somebody at a moment’s notice. Jarrul always wants to improve himself, whether that be dueling or expanding his knowledge of the force Jarrul always wants to improve and feels that it will only improve those around him.

Biography: Jarrul was born on Iridonia he was taken from his home world to Coruscant after he passed his rite of passage at a young age of 8. Jarrul still working on his trials. He learned really fast and was incredibly strong in the force. His wisdom and knowledge placed him on missions before he passed the trials and was mature enough to be successful. On one mission to the Rutter Rim Jarrul and a Jedi master went to Tatooine. There they were ambushed by sand people. Even though they fought bravely they were defeated. The master Jedi was killed, however badly injured, struck in the head and taken for dead Jarrul survived. He was found by some Jawas and taken to Mos Eisley to be taken care of. On Tatooine Jarrul was nursed to health however Jarrul had lost his memory. He no longer knew anything of Iridonia or Coruscant or anything he has seen before. Everything he encounters is now new; all he has now is the force guiding him and instinct leading him. After a few years with a little shadow Jarrul finds himself on Coruscant continuing his training with simple goal in mind guiding him through the force.

After a few trials, Jarrul finds himself in the company of another Jedi. Stryker became Jarrul's friend and as such was intrusted to escort his wife to Tython. On Tython, Jarrul ran into a Jedi Knight named Coddy Lightcloud. Coddy became Jarrul's Master and as such Jarrul was inducted into the Army of Light. In his time as a Padawan, Jarrul also gained rank and prestige for completing dangerous missions to further aid the republic.

After a few years under Coddy Lightcloud's tutelage, Jarrul passed the Jedi Knight trials and was given the honor of Jedi Knight. Jarrul currently runs missions for The Army of Light. When possible, Jarrul continues his study and expands his knowledge of the force.


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